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FIGS is a general purpose, highly interactive, 3D display program designed for scientific visualization. FIGS version 2.1.0 includes fast 3D graphics in multiple views, a graphical user interface that is easily customized for different applications, postscript output, scripting capabilities, as well as features that enable FIGS applications to run as Netscape compatible web applications.

The FOCUS Collaboration is using FIGS for online event display, for viewing the results of event reconstruction algorithms, and for validation of the FOCUS Monte Carlo software.


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For FOCUS we run FIGS as a standalone application to view FIGS graphics files. These files are produced automatically by setting flags (see FIGS for the impatient) that tell the driver routines in data analysis or Monte Carlo programs to call the graphics routines. Each detector has its own flag to enable (or disable) output for that detector. Using the detector flags you can choose to write a FIGS graphics file that includes only the detector geometry, or includes both the detector geometry and data recorded by the detector. To include reconstructed PWC and SSD tracks in the FIGS graphics file you set the PWC and SSD flags.

To view a FIGS graphics file you run FIGS and give it the name of the file. In its current form FIGS will run on UNIX systems that are using OSF1 or IRIX as an operating system. Since the program runs as an X Window application, you can run FIGS on remote systems (FNALU, for example) using an X terminal or X Window software running on a PC. For the best performance, install FIGS on a local system and run it there. Future improvements may include versions of FIGS that will run on Linux systems as well as other PC operating systems.

FIGS installations

The following institutions have FIGS installed on at least one local system:


FIGS was written by Erik Gottschalk. The interface to the driver routines was written by Eric Vaandering. Individual display routines have been written by the following contributors:

Germano Bonomi
Salvador Carrillo
Mike Hosack
Jon Link
Dario Menasce
Daniele Pedrini
Aaron Schuetz
Cecilia Uribe
Eric Vaandering
Fabiola Vazquez

Web page documentation constructed by Aaron Schuetz, and is best viewed with Netscape 3 or higher.

Software used by FIGS

The following software is included in FIGS. The links are provided for your information.

Last updated July 17, 1997