This page takes a long to to load since all of these tiny pictures are really shrunk down by Netscape. Click on any of the small pictures to see the larger version.

Our beloved flags.

The front of the IE with the cover plate removed.

The OGUM detector.

The OMU, C3, P3, and M2.

The new Target SSD with the Milan SSD behind it.

The FOCUS spectrometer.

The Selex Spectrometer. No, seriously this is our spectrometer again. Really.

Straw people.

Three scarecrows of to see the Wizard.

A target silicon plane

TR1, the Luigi creation.

Note: These pictures all come from negatives and then PhotoCD. I (Eric Vaandering) have readily available digital version of these up to 3000x2000 resolution and also still have the original negatives in case anyone wants copies of these.