Erik Gottschalk's Focus Page

MomRes Study of Momentum Resolution Parameterization 
including PWC adjacencies.
October 20, 1997
New Geometry Comparisons of old & new geometry October 13, 1997
New BNDPAK plots Added some new plots to BNDPAK to show DXP vs. DYP after including weak-focusing corrections. October 15, 1997
McFocus code studies Various Monte Carlo studies that involve changes in the code (improvements, bug fixes, etc.) October 18, 1997
Magnetic field studies Corrections to the new "yipee" geometry to find the optimum bend centers and magnetic field kicks. Where is TRAK(12,...) used in our code. October 30, 1997
Run-dependent corrections Study and implementation of run-dependent corrections for Pass 1. October 28, 1997
Deviation patterns Study of PWC deviation patterns using timeline results from the FOCUS expressline. November 14, 1997
Run-dependent deviation pattern corrections Using the deviation patterns to produce run-dependent corrections for the entire run. November 17, 1997
Runs 9000-12000 Run-dependent corrections for runs 9000-12000 November 19, 1997
Rescaled field studies Studies of geometry and magnetic fields using the following values for the kicks: M1 = 1.0015, M2 = 1.0015. January 21, 1998
Yaw correction Study of run-dependent yaw correction for SSDs. January 21, 1998
McFocus geometry Tuning the McFocus geometry. February 19, 1998
Double DEE Double DEE analysis June 4, 1998
 Pass 1 vs. Recon  Comparison of results from Pass1 geometry to Recon geometry from the run. October 1, 1998